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The 5 Most Important People To Have On Your Side


In navigating the minefield that is small business, you need a small group of highly skilled and very focused individuals to guide you.  These folks are outside of your company's staff and are more or less on an on-call basis, assisting with solving problems, weighing in on big decisions and listening to you when you have new ideas or want to implement innovation.

Retail Holiday Store Windows: Case Study Of Giving Back

window display

Last week, Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor, asked me to help get his word out to our retail blog readership. Bob was the keynote speaker at our October seminar for retailers, You Can Compete. Of course I said, "Yes!" Read on to read more.

What to Consider When Hiring Seasonal Help in Retail

seasonal help

What’s the most important thing to consider when hiring seasonal help? When should you hire?

One of the least thought about business decisions that is usually dealt with at the last possible moment , is seasonal help.  Throughout the Great Recession, most cost-conscious business owners and managers have been preoccupied with cutting and controlling expenses versus increasing expenses.  While this may be a prudent and effective strategy in most areas of a retail business, it may be counterproductive in other areas.  Seasonal help is most often given too little thought and not enough attention.

Bob Phibbs Talking Customer Loyalty

Bob Phibbs customer loyalty

Bob Phibbs emailed me this morning; he was the keynote at our recent seminar for retailers:  You Can Compete, sponsored by J.D. Associates, point of sale system experts. In the retail world, Bob Phibbs is known as The Retail Doctor, at the ready to help fix your retail pains.

Retail in a Down Economy - A Labor of Love

out of box thinking

What's different about your business?

Unless you have something to offer that's totally unique, you probably won't find potential customers banging your doors down, and you certainly won't retain any existing customers. It can be a refreshing and profitable experience to review your business and stop playing victim to an economy that will probably not be dramatically different any time soon. You can start by asking yourself some questions you may not have thought about for some time.

Driving Sales


Today's blog post comes to us by way of Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor. And yes, you CAN believe every word Mr. Phibbs says. He'll be the keynote at our event on October 12th in Leominster, MA:  You Can Compete! I'll be blogging about it in coming weeks.

THE Place to Work


Today's post is from our guest author, Doug Fleener.
He's so readable and spot on!

I believe that the most important element of specialty retail is our extraordinary people. In order to attract and keep extraordinary people we must be THE place to work. While I know that many specialty stores are great places to work, I'm not sure they're THE place to work. It's sort of like nightclubs. There might be any number of popular nightclubs in a city but there's usually only one or two that people are willing to stand in line to get in to. It takes a lot of work to be THE place to work but, as is the case with most hard work, there are also handsome rewards.

Do You Have Dormant Customers? Wake Them Up!

quiet customer

I recently read an article about dormant customers. It's a huge, costly problem; we all have them in our businesses.  The challenge is:  how do you wake them?  How do you get them talking to you about them, about your business, about what they'd like to see on your shelves in your store? How do you get them involved? The article I read gave some good suggestions, some I've written about in the past our our retail blog, while others have been addressed through our 15-second marketing tips.

Meet Five Retail Experts

successful retailers

Today's blog post is devoted to five retail experts I know personally.  Some have written for the Retail Source, our monthly e-newsletter, some have been keynotes at retail-focused seminars sponsored by J.D. Associates.  All are good guys. Check out their sites; if they have a newsletter, subscribe; if they offer consultation time, and you feel you need it, call them. I guarantee you'll learn something. Their range covers HOW TOs in: customer service, customer loyalty, retail POS, retail expansion, business intelligence, KPIs, point of sale software and many other important retail topics.

Top 10 Mistakes Retail Independent Businesses Make

retail discount

The top 10 tips below, courtesy of Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor  I'm passing Bob Phibbs' list along because it caught my attention. 

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