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Holiday Tips for Retailers - #8 Enjoy the Ride

Posted by Debra Neville

We work so hard to make our retail businesses a success, it's easy to forget why we started them in the first place. Every now and then, why not give yourself a pat on the back, a reminder of where you've been and where you're going? Especially at the Holidays, we remember to give thanks for our families and the good fortune we've had. Why not thank ourselves too?

Remember the passion you had when you started, and revisit often

relax and enjoy this holiday seasonYour retail business probably wouldn't have survived without your initial drive and sacrifice. Those long hours and hard work came from somewhere, didn't they? They came from your passion for what you do and your desire to make your customers smile. As your business grows, maybe you've expanded your store and added new locations, you still need that passion to inspire your trusted partners and employees. Don't let go of that.

Relax occasionally, look around and appreciate what you’ve created

Ever notice how nice your store looks, especially at the Holidays? Walk around and take it all in. Take a few photos and admire your handiwork. Yes, you're your own worst critic, but you might want to try being your own best fan once in a while. After all, if you don't love what you've built, how can you expect others to?

Have fun with your customers and employees, make it fun for them

Business doesn't have to be serious all the time. Yes you have goals to achieve and salaries to pay, but why not enjoy yourself too? You might be surprised how well your employees and customers respond when you smile once in a while. We can't all be comedians and entertainers, but a nice compliment can go a long way towards building a lasting relationship.

Relive your most memorable days in retail

Remember the old days when you first got started? What got you excited back then? A big sale? A fun outing with co-workers? An inspiring customer story? If it worked for you, it can work for someone else. Pass it on to your staff and new customers.

Plot a course for success next year, and follow it

Soon you'll be back at the routine and trying to get things rolling in 2012 again. Have you taken the time to reflect on your victories and setbacks in 2011? Have you put together a great strategy for the New Year that will take your business to the next level or at least make it more recession-proof? Now is the best time to put those plans together.

Finally, enjoy the rest of this Holiday Season. There will be another one next year, but this one still has a chance to be special!

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Holiday Tips for Retailers

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