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Retail Pro POS System - LIVE Webinar with John Deery

Posted by Debra Neville

Tuesdays live with John Deery

Retail Pro Point of Sale system V9 has the features serious retailers need to be competitive in today's landscape. 

  • All information is pulled from a single source ensuring that data is uniform and consistent regardless of who is pulling the information
  • With centralized returns, Prevents shrinkage by being able to verify information from a central database making it easy to see any irregularities
  • There's a standard report writer that helps you to easily create reports and analyze data on a number of different performance measures
  • With replenishing and forecasting, you plan and track merchandise – which items are fast-movers, slow-movers, high margin, etc.
  • Segment your customers for targeted email marketing to create specific value-add Marketing/Promotional programs targeted at a particular customer group

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There is an App Market - an online marketplace for retailers-that have been written for Retail Pro V9 to extend its usability to you-the retailer.

Retail Pro V9 webinar

Day:  Tuesday
Date: September 11th or
September 18th or
September 25th

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm EST

During the webinar, John will answer the following questions: 

  • How will Retail Pro help retailers stop over and under-buying? 
  • How can you have the right product on the right shelves at the right time?
  • How will Retail Pro help you stay in front of your valued customers?
  • What are the most popular apps among Retail Pro users?
  • Why should you be interested in them? (hint: think social media-saving paper-saving time. Think increasing your profits!) 

Talk to John Deery who has been installing, training and supporting Retail Pro since 1994.

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