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3 Tips for Holding an Anniversary Sale to Create Brand Loyalty

Posted by Debra Neville

By Debra Neville,  Marketing Director, J.D. Associates - a company devoted to offering the right retail Point Of Sale system for your business.

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As the store owner, you have to make the decision if any of the three ideas (or any ideas that may be shared in the J.D. Associates blog) make sense and cents to you. Evaluate the suggestion(s) and determine if it's right for your store and your customer base.  Once you create an event, that event can be tracked in a point of sale system; you want to know what's working and conversely, what's not working so your advertising dollars are spent wisely. And you'll want to know year over year, what has caused a spike in your store traffic.  That, too, can be tracked in a POS system (like Retail Pro).

Celebrate your store anniversary each year by holding an Anniversary Sale. It marks your success and builds customer satisfaction in your retail store.  

  1. Thank your customers. Use a Thank You theme in windows, bag stuffers and advertising. Make your customers feel thanked for supporting your business. They have options where to spend their money and they chose you.
  2. Use Twitter as a way of thanking them and offer them a time-limited offer to see how your Twitter offer is pulling.
  3. Create store-branded collector's items. They don't have to be expensive, but they ought to be cute or useful or both. Put the current year and your business logo on the items of your choice (pocketbook perfume spray, lipstick mirror, candle etc.). If they are useful and/or 'cute' they will buy them if you decide to charge. Customers will collect them.

It's about creating excitement in your store so your customers talk about you.  Be remarkable and they will remark about you.

According to www.retailcustomerexperience.com, Deloitte has forecasted a 4.1% increase in the holiday sales.  Non-store sales (e-commerce) are predicted to increase between 15-17%. Are you ready to sell and interested in selling on... 

and pulling that inventory from a Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) database?
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