Retail Point of Sale Virtual Technician

Solve issues before they are problems

virtual technicianWhat is Virtual Technician?

Virtual Technician is remote monitoring software that watches your point-of-sale system. It solves problems on your point of sale system before they become a problem for you.

It happens—every POS system eventually runs into challenges. Do you ever wish someone could detect those problems before they happened? High-priority alerts keep us informed about your systems, 24/7. For example, what if:

  • End-of-day credit card settlements—didn't settle?
  • Updated inventory pricing—didn't update—correctly, or, at all?
  • Unauthorized software has been installed—and it caused problems with your POS software?

How does it work?

Our remote monitoring software tool is conveniently loaded onto your system to provide us with status updates.

  • Proactively resolve your problems before your need becomes critical
  • A 24/7 solution that helps us keep your business operational with no down time
  • No longer have to lose valuable business due to system downtime
  • We act as a watchdog for your company, protecting you from problems and threats before they become a problem for you

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To find out how Virtual Technician will watch your business while you're working or sleeping, please fill out the form to the left to set up a demonstration.